General Hospital Spoilers: GH’s Maurice Benard Teases What’s To Come And The GH Related Reason Behind His Beard

General Hospital fans across the board are worried about their favorite tv family man/mobster, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard).

Sonny went missing after an altercation with Julian Jerome (William deVry), leading to Julian’s death. Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) witness Sonny go down with Julian’s dead body as the bridge collapsed, stopping Sonny and Julian into the river. Jason was also witness to EMS/medics zipping up Julian’s body in a body bag.

General Hospital news reports actor Maurice Benard has teased fans about that’s to come on GH. Benard mentions his grown out and noticeable gray beard but quickly closes the topic by telling fans he cannot reveal the significance between his outgrown beard and his character, Sonny.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Benard drops hint regarding his current story line as Sonny Corinthos. He tells fans, “GH is kicking ass right now, as you probably already know.” Benard continues on teasing fans as he brings up a topic and quickly shuts it down. In a recent IG post, Benard said, “Wait until you see what’s coming up, oooohhhh, cannot wait! The reason I have a beard… I can’t tell ya.” His quick sneak peek has left fans wondering, creating new General Hospital rumors surrounding his current story line involving Sonny’s disappearance and Carly’s (Laura Wright) deep worry for the man she loves.

General Hospital rumors are beginning to fly, making claims as to why Sonny’s beard is outgrown. Could it be because Sonny is lost in nature after falling into the river? Is Sonny on the run because he thinks the PCPD will pin Julian’s death on him? Oh the possibilities are endless! Please keep your eyes on the screen because typo won’t want to miss a second of what’s to come on General Hospital.

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