General Hospital Spoilers: He Thought It Over And… Sonny Becomes Santa Claus and Tells General Hospital’s Christmas Story?!?!! GH Poll: Should Sonny Take Over The Tradition?

Sonny takes over General Hospital’s Christmas Story
Sonny takes over General Hospital’s Christmas Story Tradition

I don’t know about you but I think that the perfect way for Sonny to contribute to General Hospital isn’t of monetary value. This contribution is something money can’t, or shouldn’t buy, especially this time of year.

Sonny’s conversation with Stella (Vernee Watson) lit the path for an upcoming storyline. Currently, Port Charles is in the thick of its holiday season. The infamous Quartermaine Thanksgiving has passed and everyone is moving toward Christmas and New Years. General Hospital Christmas episodes are iconic. From miracles to tragedies, GH Christmases are unforgettable. Historically, the one thing we could count on was Steve Hardy and the Christmas story.

Sonny Takes Over General Hospital’s Christmas Story

After many years and Hardy’s passing, Alan Quartermaine (Stuart Damon) took over. Those years were just as magical. Then, after his death, consistency went out the window. However, there still have been many memorable Christmases in Port Charles. One year, Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) read the story!

General Hospital spoilers and rumors hint that there may be a new tradition in town. Sonny’s conversation with Stella started a buzz around social media. Many feel that Sonny Corinthos should take over, and not just this once. Do you think that Sonny should carry on Steve and Alan’s tradition?

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