General Hospital Spoilers: Heather Wants To Reconnect With Ryan, Will Esme’s Parents Reconcile?

Heather Webber Ryan Chamberlain Esme’s parents

Who are Esme’s parents?! That is the burning question to which we all want the answer. Is Ryan really Esme’s father? Who is Esme’s mother?

General Hospital spoilers tease GH fans are about learn more about the troubled teen. Some fans are skeptical of Esme’s paternity considering the source from which such information was provided. Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) isn’t the most credible person given that he’s actively lying about his own mental state.

Esme Prince (Aver Kristen Pohl) takes pride in her paternal lineage and consciously tries to make her daddy proud. She’ll do anything to prove herself to Ryan, but, at the same time, Esme takes charge of a situation. Although Daddy’s girl desperately seek’s his approval, Esme still manages to deviate from his orders if she finds a better fit for their endgame. Some GH rumors argue Ryan may not even be her real father. If not, then who

So who are Esme’s parents?Resourceful and fearless, Esme is made of more than Ryan Chamberlain. But who is Esme’s mother? General Hospital comings and goings reports recently confirmed Alley Mills took over the role of Heather Webber. Although no recent GH news reports reveal the duration of Mills’ stay on canvas, Heather is in the here and now.

General Hospital previews indicate Heather is excited she bumped into Ryan and anticipates a long awaited reconnection. She’s looking forward to being together again for the first time and fans want to know the details. What exactly does Heather mean by, “together again,”? GH spoilers tease we are about to find out the dirt on Heather and Ryan’s connection.

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