General Hospital Spoilers: If Jordan Doesn’t Come Between Portia And Curtis Something Else Will

Their love has been years in the making and now that things seem to be in place between Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr) and Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner), GH spoilers reveal things are about to get shaken up as they try to cozy up to their idea of moving in together.

General Hospital news reports confirmed the role of Jordan Ashford had been recast and Tanisha Harper has taken over the role from Briana Nicole Henry. GH previews indicate Jordan’s return will spark a reaction in his current love interest, Portia.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Jordan has unresolved feelings for Curtis which couple potentially cause a brief snag in the progress Curtis and Portia have made in their relationship. Portia lied to Curtis many years ago when they started seeing each other while she was married to Taggert. He found out and broke things off and Portia has never regretted anything more. Now that she has Curtis back in her life, she can’t risk losing him again.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors suggest Jordan won’t be the reason Portia and Curtis head for trouble. GH rumors hint that she is hiding an even bigger lie this time around. Curtis has already been up front with Portia and had asked her straight up if Trina could be his daughter instead of Taggert’s. When asked, Portia immediately denied any claims of tat being true. There are many reasons people lie to the ones they love and want to hold onto the tightest. You never know if Portia is holding back out of fear of losing everything- and everyone. If Cutis is Trina’s father and the truth is revealed, Portia will likely lose the people she loves the most, Trina (Sydney Mikayla), Curtis, and Taggert.