General Hospital Spoilers: Is Austin Holt A Dangerous Killer? Nikolas Saves Ava From Austin!

Nikolas saves Ava from Austin

Nikolas saves Ava from Austin?!

…When we think of a doctor, we often think of a healer. We tend to imagine an aura around them, and set them aside from everyone else. To a certain degree, trust is often given blindly because we automatically assume that a doctor is someone we can trust. There, that is where Ava Jerome (Maura West) made a big mistake. Because trusting the wrong person could ruin your life.

Simply put, trust is mostly something that is earned. It’s true that certain roles in society emanate a degree of credibility without a backstory. However, not all who fill these roles fit the mold. Recent General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that Dr. Austin Holt (Roger Howarth) is actually a dangerous killer. A wolf in sheep’s clothing, Dr. Holt doesn’t honor the hippocratic oath. Instead, he uses his gift as a front, according to the latest GH spoilers and rumors.

Previously, General Hospital news and spoilers confirmed that Laura Spencer made a decision to set out to find her son Nikolas Cassadine. With Nikolas’s return on the horizon, GH rumors claim that Nikolas saves Ava from Austin, who has revealed himself as a villainous man of healing.

Will Nikolas be ready to save his damsel in distress and take on Austin, and possibly Mason too?!

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