General Hospital Spoilers: Is Tracy Quartermaine Depressed?

Is Tracy Quartermaine depressed
Is Tracy Quartermaine depressed?

When I think of Tracy Quartermaine I don’t typically see her as a soft or warm person. In fact, many GH fans (among Port Charles residents) see her as quite the opposite. Tracy comes across as blunt, and even abrasive in many circumstances. But lately she’s shown a slightly vulnerable side to herself.

It’s not like she’s done a whole 180°, but Tracy is noticeably different than she was even three months ago. She’s more open with certain people, and it seems easier to make her smile. Tracy looks like she’s most comfortable around her granddaughter Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton), and her good friend Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison). Despite her more understanding and kinder demeanor, Granny Q. might be depressed.

Is Tracy Quartermaine Depressed?

GH recaps recall that Tracy and Dr. Randolph (Cassandra James) briefly discussed Tracy’s mental health. Dr. Randolph brought up the subject of depression. First, Tracy resisted. But then that softer side of Tracy started to come out as she listened to Dr. Randolph. GH spoilers suggest that Tracy self reflects and tries to make some changes in her life. So far she seems to be in the right track. Will Tracy be able to turn to nourish her mental health in time before a crisis strikes?