General Hospital Spoilers: Jake Comes to Sonny’s Rescue

Fall is almost here which means November Sweeps will be right around the corner? Isn’t that what we have all been waiting for? General Hospital Blog previously reported that GH spoilers reveal the BIG JASON REVEAL will take place during this year’s November Sweeps.

Sonny shot ghThings are starting to fall right into place, in preparation for the town of Port Charles to find out that Jake Doe is actually Sam’s presumed late husband, Jason Morgan. Along with being Sam’s husband and Danny’s father, Jason is many things to his loved ones in PC that he left behind. Jason was always Sonny Corinthos’ right hand man. As Sonny’s business enforcer, he also helped protect Sonny and his family, including his best friend, Carly.

As Carly prepares for what she thinks will be the best day of her life, her 5th wedding to Sonny, General Hospital spoilers reveal other plans. Starting today on General Hospital, we will see the aftermath of the shooting with Sonny on Friday’s episode. It has been said that Jake and Sam will be the ones to come running, and that Jake (Jason) will play a huge hand in Sonny’s rescue.

It looks like the writers are setting the ground work for Jake to start morphing into the Jason Morgan we all know, love, and remember. With Sam by his side, Jason will show signs of his past… he will spring into action to rescue is long time friend and companion, Sonny, on his wedding day.

Will Jake’s heroic act spark a chain reaction of Jason Morgan behavioral traits? Watch General Hospital this week to find out just how close we will get to the JASON MORGAN REVEAL.





Photo from: Daytime Confidential