General Hospital Spoilers: Jordan Has Her Sights On Portia’s Brother, Zeke And Jordan Hit It Off

Portia’s brother Zeke and Jordan

She made it very clear that it’s time to move on. Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper) is sick of waiting around for Curtis, and even more sick of being played. Curtis’s latest stunt was the last straw. It wasn’t even the kiss, but what he did after he kissed Jordan that sent Jordan packing. How could he move right back in with Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr) after kissing his ex-wife?

Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) is the connection between and makes up 1/3 a complicated love triangle. Obviously, Jordan and Portia make up the other 2/3. According to General Hospital spoilers, Curtis pushed Jordan away with his inconsistencies. As he tries to move forward with Portia, his and Jordan’s kiss hangs over their efforts like a dark cloud.

Previously, GH news reports confirmed the latest casting changes. General Hospital Blog shared GH comings and goings reports which confirmed that “Zeke” was headed to Port Charles. In an interview with Michael Fairman TV, actor Gavin Houston revealed details of his new role. Houston admitted that the upcoming storyline is going to be “meaty.” We can assume he is referring to a major front burner involving Curtis, Jordan, Portia, and of course, Zeke.

Recent General Hospital rumors tease that Zeke and Jordan get closer, and that really doesn’t sit well with Portia.

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