General Hospital Spoilers: Josslyn Can’t Believe Her Eyes!

GH Spoilers: Josslyn Can’t Believe Her Eyes
GH Spoilers: Josslyn Can’t Believe Her Eyes!

Port Charles is on edge as mob violence slithers its way through town. Many families are connected to organized crime, either directly or indirectly. That’s why it’s in everyone’s best interest at this time to lay low and stay alert.

General Hospital spoilers tease that the people of Port Charles do their best to keep an eye over their shoulder while an unknown enemy could strike at any time. The threat is more than near, and so is Jason’s return. Previously, GH news and spoilers confirmed that Steve Burton’s air date is March 4th. We are a few days before the big reveal when Steve Burton makes his General Hospital comeback as Jason Morgan. Speculation surrounding his storyline continues as we count down the days.

Josslyn Can’t Believe Her Eyes

Today’s GH preview indicates that something startles Joss. Many GH rumors have made claims about with whom Jason first makes contact. Some wanted history to repeat itself and claimed that he shows up and Elizabeth’s door. Others believe that Jason is the shooters, and some believe he’s the mystery boss or both.

Regardless, something or someone catches Josslyn off guard. What gives Josslyn a jump scare? Is Jason Morgan lurking around corners yet, or will she have another reason to gasp?