General Hospital Spoilers: Julian and Brook Lynn Hook Up, An Unexpected Romance, Brook Lynn Playing With Fire

Everyone knows that when Brook Lynn Ashton (Amanda Setton) waltzed back into town she would come in like a storm causing trouble wherever she goes. She has always been a spitfire of a young woman and now that she is back in Port Charles, GH viewers are anxious to see the drama that will surround Brook Lynn, The Quartermaine’s and whoever else she comes in contact with.

Julian Jerome was one of the first encounters Brook Lynn experienced when she first arrived back in Port Charles. She and Julian made an instant impression on one another, although it wasn’t a good one, it will definitely leave an impact and a gateway to open an interesting story line between the two of them.

Although their first encounter was hostile after Julian assumed Brook Lynn was a hooker and she walked away offended, the ran into each other again and were able to come to common ground. Brook Lynn talked about Julian’s son Leo and how she took care of Leo when Olivia was protecting Leo from Julian as he was heavy into the mob business at the time.

General Hospital spoilers have been hinting that these two will develop an attraction to one another and ultimately give into passion and hook up. General Hospital rumors speculate this will be a one time or short lived romance because GH spoilers indicate Brook Lynn will find out what Julian has done to Lucas regarding baby Wiley and she will realize that he hasn’t changed for the good.

Their relationship will start out intense but will soon go down in flames as nothing good will come out of the reveal of the baby swap Julian is strongly involved in. Brook Lynn values her friendship with Julian’s son Lucas and her cousin Michael and will not take Julian’s part in this lightly.

GH viewers have strong opinions regarding this unlikely pairing. Will they eventually overcome the obstacles such as the age gap and Julian’s lifestyle?