General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Is A Step Ahead Of Victor, His Spy Is Misinformed

Laura Spencer Victor Cassadine

Laura smells a rat! Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) has been running the show in Port Charles while Mayor Laura Spencer Collins (Genie Francis) was away. Now she’s back and ready to do what it takes to stop him. Laura plays Victor for a fool with her new strategy. 

When the cat’s away the mice will play, as they say. Victor had been taking full advantage of the Mayor’s absence. Things are about to change now that Laura has returned to Port Charles. General Hospital spoilers reveal Laura is on to Victor’s scheme.

Laura left Port Charles to tend to her mother Leslie Webber (Denise Alexander) in her time of need. She helped her mom get settled after losing her home to a suspicious fire. Laura suspects Victor had a hand in that to distract her from the current state of affairs.

Victor isn’t the only one Laura suspects. General Hospital spoilers indicate the Mayor is well aware of the fact that her assistant, Eileen Ashby is working undercover for Victor. She’s been feeding him information and Laura is about to turn the tables.

Upcoming General Hospital previews and spoilers hint Laura plays Victor for a fool when she uses his own spy against him. GH rumors and spoilers tease Laura sniffs out a rat as she pegs Eileen Ashby as Victor’s spy. Laura gets clever and feeds Eileen false information that will lead straight to Victor.

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