General Hospital Spoilers: Lulu Slips Into A Coma, Emme Rylan Takes Year Traveling With Family, Returns To Reprise Role

We apologize if we are in denial or just plain hopeful. But in our honest opinion, the likelihood of General Hospital killing off the daughter of Luke and Laura Spencer (Anthony Geary, Genie Francis) is pretty slim.

It’s true that General Hospital news reports have revealed that actress, Emme Rylan, who has played Lulu Spencer Falconeri since 2013, has been let go from the role. Rylan stepped in and took over for Julie Marie Berman.

General Hospital spoilers suggest Lulu will not die, and the character will most likely not be recast. General Hospital rumors claim Lulu will slip into a coma, thus making it possible for the character to remain off screen, but also leave the door open for her return. Dominic Zamprogna has recently returned to the canvas. Upon his return, GH and Lante (Lulu and Dante) fans were we hopeful for a reunion.

General Hospital news confirmed Rylan was let go from the daytime drama, but it was never disclosed whether or not the character would die off the soap, or if she will be recast with another actress.

General Hospital spoilers hint that Lulu will awaken in about a year based on Emme Rylan’s previous statement regarding taking time to travel around the country with her family. GH rumors claim Lulu will awaken from her coma in about a year. It’s possible the executives at GH wrote Rylan out as Lulu only temporarily as part of this climactic mob related story line which not only involves her father in law, Sonny Corinthos,(Maurice Benard) but it’s become very personal between her own mother, Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) and Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) as well.

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