General Hospital Spoilers: Marshall’s Schizophrenia Secret Doesn’t Add Up- What’s He Really Been Hiding?

What Marshall Ashford is really hiding

Do you want to know what Marshall Ashford is really hiding? Because it seems to us that he’s hiding behind his schizophrenia explanation.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr) grows suspicious after she presses him about playing at her wedding to Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner). Portia can’t understand why Marshall won’t play at their wedding. Based on his excuses, she realizes things don’t add up. She mentioned that he has never once had a schizophrenic episode. That being said, his anxiety over playing at their wedding, and a potential trigger doesn’t really fit.

General Hospital previews indicate that Marshall lashes out at Portia when she’s grilling him about his decision. She still doesn’t understand why he won’t get a second opinion on his diagnosis. General Hospital rumors cheese at Marshall’s schizophrenia was just a front for his real secret. He refuses to get further testing. Therefore, it leads Portia to believe he still hiding something.

But what is Marshall Ashford really hiding? According to recent GH rumors, it’s possible that he’s aware of Portia’s own secret and can’t bring himself to play at their wedding. Another GH rumor suggests Marshall isn’t really Curtis’s father. Whichever the real reason, it’s becoming more obvious that Marshall doesn’t have schizophrenia at all.

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