General Hospital Spoilers: Mobster Uses Decoy- Sonny Got Himself Arrested, It’s All A Part Of The Plan

Sonny for himself arrested Fed arrest Sonny Corinthos Sonny Corinthos arrested

Ok, so… who got Sonny arrested?! After all these years of dodging The Feds, Sonny got himself arrested?! …The Feds have wanted to nail Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) ever since he brought his sleezy strip club to Port Charles. Back then, Sonny wasn’t someone too many empathized with. Instead, all people saw was a strip club owner and a drug dealer.

General Hospital Recaps: At that time no one knew about his troubled childhood with his stepfather Zeke. Additionally, other factors shaped him into the man he was when he arrived in PC in the 90s. Not until years later when Sonny’s story was unfolding did GH fans develop this immense sense of cognitive dissonance over who Sonny Corinthos is as a man. Today, Sonny is loved by many, but also feared and disliked.

It’s All A Part Of The Plan

Who got Sonny arrested? We all know that the infamous mobster lives life as an outlaw. But despite his utter disregard for the rules, he is still viewed as a good-hearted family man by those who truly know him. I don’t know about you all but I for one want to Sonny to win. When all is said and done, the fact is that Sonny just got arrested by The Feds. Meanwhile, everyone is scrambling, trying to help him and figure out who turned him in. Some GH sunrise claim Michael, some say, Joss. However, it’s likely the culprit isn’t any of Sonny’s kids, or even his enemy.

Sonny Corinthos arrested

According to General Hospital spoilers and rumors, Sonny got himself arrested. He set a trap for Betty (Ella Lentini) and placed a drive with fake Pikeman deal information. Odds are the Feds were handed the planted evidence in which Sonny so conveniently provided for the shady nanny. I mean, wasn’t that the whole point? If you ask me, this looks like a decoy setup by Sonny himself. Trust the process, he knows what he’s doing. ????

His “don’t F with me” state of mind fends off