General Hospital Spoilers: Ned Gets Backed Into A Corner, Has No Choice But To Come Clean To Olivia

Things are really starting to intensify surrounding the secrets kept between Ned Ashton (Wally Kurth), Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn), Olivia Falconeri Ashton (Lisa LoCicero), and Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot).

It’s not in Olivia’s nature to leave well enough alone. She’s a fighter and she fights for the truth. What she sees happening to Alexis is uncalled for and she needs to get to the bottom of it. General Hospital spoilers reveal that due to Olivia’s poking around to expose Tracy, she opens her own can of worms that could lead to a world of hurt for herself.

General Hospital previews show Olivia demanding to know what happened between Ned and Alexis. Ned has always been uncomfortable keeping this secret from his wife, but his mother, Tracy, has insisted on keeping his secret with Alexis in the dark because she truly believes in his married to Olivia. In a way it’s sort of sweet. Tracy thinks Olivia is the best thing to happen to Ned and she’s afraid their marriage will be over once she finds out about his drunker stupor with Alexis.

General Hospital rumors indicate that Ned will have no other choice than to come clean about that night. But could there be a twist? Some GH rumors claim Ned and Alexis never even actually slept together, they only think they did because they were both bombed.

Will Olivia be able to forgive her husband and the friend she is so desperately trying to help after learning of their alleged betrayal?

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