General Hospital Spoilers: Nikolas Loses Everything To Ava After Esme Drops A Bomb

Nikolas Cassadine’s (Marcus Coloma) parenting skills have been questionable in more recent years.

In Spencer’s (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) eyes he has begrudged his father for faking his death and leaving his only child to believe he was dead, to then choosing Ava Jerome (Maura West) over him after her betrayal; Spencer and Nikolas haven’t been close in years.

General Hospital spoilers reveal all bad things rise to the surface and eventually Spencer (and Ava) will find out about Nikolas and Esme’s (Avery Kristen Pohl) romp in the hay.

Just tack on another dark cloud over Nikolas as he shows his son yet again that he isn’t his priority. General Hospital spoilers and rumors suggest that Esme will not hesitate to throw herself and Nikolas under the bus to reach her endgame- destroying the Cassadine family. Nothing will hurt Spencer and Ava more than finding out Esme slept with Nikolas- and is now pregnant!

GH spoilers and speculation hint that Esme will become pregnant and Nikolas will automatically assume the baby is his after their one night stand. However, paternity is not that cut and dry in the soap world. We know that Esme slept with Spencer the very next night and the probability of the baby being his is just as great as that of Nikolas fathering her baby.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Esme drops a bomb that will rock Nik’s world. Per his prenup with Ava, he is a risk of losing his entire Cassadine fortune. Nikolas is also about to lose a lot more than money. His relationship with his son Spencer and wife Ava is about to go up in flames. The fate of the Cassadine family lies in Esme’s hands.

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