General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Finds Nikolas’ Ring

Ever since Nikolas (Marcus Coloma) returned from the ‘dead’ he has been making one bone headed move after another. Not only is Nikolas making mistakes and doesn’t cover his tracks, he is also more ruthless and cunning than before. It’s almost like his situation has hardened him, turning him more and more into a true Cassadine.

After the unsettling scenes with Nikolas and Ava Jerome (Maura West), Ava was left to fall fast asleep from all the extra sedation Nikolas paid the nurse to administer. Unfortunately for Nikolas, he messes up yet another one of his ploys by leaving a trail. He lost his ring in Ava’s room and now people have evidence to lead back to Nikolas. It’s highly unlikely that Ava would be the one to spot the ring since she was left alone in shambles.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) will pay Ava a visit to question her about Helena’s (Constance Towers) painting. GH spoilers hint Nina will be the one to stumble upon Nikolas’ ring, taking it back with her. General Hospital rumors have been swirling that Nina will take the ring with her and possibility show her friend Jax (Ingo Rademacher). Jax has already warned Nikolas that if this isn’t over by New Year’s then he will be telling Nina the truth about what is going on regarding Valentin, the Codicil, and the fact that Nikolas is in fact alive. It’s highly possibly Nina will show Jax her findings. it has been rumored that Jax won’t wait until New Year’s to tell Nina, and that he may just come out and tell her if and when she shows him the ring she found in Ava’s room. Once Jax sees that Nik has made yet another mistake, he will realize it’s time to shut this charade down.

Will Nina be the one to find the Cassadine ring? If so, will she bring it straight to Jax? What will Jax do with the ring? There are so many possibilities! Let us know what you think will happen next!

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