General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Overlooks Possible Consequences Come Time When Sonny Remembers EVERYTHING

Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) is known for his loyalty and honorability to those he cares about and who cares for him, mutually.

General Hospital rumors suggest Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) and “Mike” start spending more and more time together, leading up to a point where their friendship begins to turn into something more.

Although Sonny isn’t quite himself just yet, General Hospital spoilers reveal “Mike” will eventually discover his true identity as Sonny Corinthos from Port Charles. Nina hasn’t thought far enough ahead to really realize that at some point, Sonny could just wake up one day and remember exactly who he is and where he’s from- which means, he will know exactly who Nina Reeves really is.

In Sonny’s eyes, there is nothing more unforgivable than betrayal by someone he loves. We all know what happened with Brenda Barrett (Vanessa Marcil) when she wore that wire. Brenda is just one example how how Sonny reacts when learning someone has stabbed him in the back.

General Hospital rumors claim Sonny will develop feelings for Nina, and she will feel things for Sonny she never expected. But in time, he will figure out exactly what Nina is up to. What Sonny does from there is anyone’s guess. It’s possible he will angrily confront Nina and expose her right in front of Phyllis (Joyce Guy) and Lenny (Rif Hutton). Other GH rumors hint Sonny will keep what he knows to himself and create a plan of his own, letting Nina continue to believe she’s pulling one over on him.

Nina should be careful. Sonny doesn’t take betrayal lightly. He’s a mobster at heart and will eventually get back to his true identity.

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