General Hospital Spoilers: Peter’s Mysterious Box; Peter August Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Peter’s mysterious box

Peter’s mysterious box was given to his sister Britt and she wants to know why.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Britt’s interests are peaked since her conversation with sister in law, Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms). Maxie and Britt shutter at the very sound of Peter’s name, and rightfully so. And although Peter is dead, his eerie shenanigans live on in a box.

We can’t bring ourselves to call this sibling love since Peter August (Wes Ramsey) was incapable of truly loving another person. Typically when you are gifted something by someone as close as family or the like, it means that the two of you are simpatico. Dr. Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) received the furthest thing from brotherly love from her half brother Peter.

General Hospital recaps recall Maxie and Britt discussing the box that Peter gifted to Britt. She tells Maxie that for some reason a party of her held onto the box instead of tossing it. Britt admits she’s still a bit curious as to what’s inside. Dr. Westbourne comes to the conclusion that there must be some sinister reason her brother left this box with her. Perhaps something he wants her to know.

General Hospital previews and spoilers for upcoming episodes in October hint that Britt will need some help in decoding Peter’s message in his mysterious box.

GH spoilers suggest that Maxie still wants nothing to do with anything related to Peter. It looks like Britt will turn to Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) for help, and since he’s been interested in her father, Caesar Faison (Anders Hove) from the moment he landed in Port Charles, that’s reason enough for Cody to jump on board and figure out what Cesar’s son wants Britt to know.

Britt and Cody will make a shocking discovery once they figure out the meaning of Peter’s twisted game.

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