General Hospital Spoilers: Portia Loses Her Man To His Not-So-Ex, Ex?! Has Portia Paved The Way For Curtis To Forgive…Jordan?!

General Hospital spoilers reveal Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr) is planning to marry her old flame, but runs into some obstacles that could delay or even prevent their nuptials. Portia has already run into a major problem when Curtis told her that he is technically still married to Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper). Portia and Curtis blame Jordan for not filing the divorce paperwork while in reality, Jordan is covering for Curtis’ Aunt Stella (Vernee Watson).

GH spoilers and rumors hint that Jordan puts Portia under pressure about Trina’s paternity. Knowing how Curtis feels about being lied to, especially by someone he loves, Trina’s mother hasn’t been able to come clean to her family. Will Portia crack under pressure and come clean even if it risks losing Curtis forever?

It’s obvious that Jordan still has feelings for Curtis, but respects him enough to not purposely get in the way of his happiness with Portia. She’s even making herself look bad by taking the wrap for Stella. The truth always comes out and at some point Curtis will find out that Jordan protected Aunt Stella. A lie nonetheless.

Jordan has lied to Curtis about her own career which she wasn’t at liberty to discuss. This lead to Curtis and Jordan’s divorce. He could get passed the lies. Jordan is now lying about the divorce papers, but with good intentions. Portia has been lying about Trina’s paternity to her own daughter, her ex-husband, and her current fiancé, for years.

Will Portia’s lies and Jordan’s sacrifice for Stella pave the way for a reunion between Jordan and Curtis? 

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