General Hospital Spoilers: Rory And ADA Arden Working Together To Set Up Trina

Rory and ADA Arden

Rory and ADA Arden working together?! New suspects in the hook killings arise after some insightful analysis. Recent events in Port Charles have lead us closer to identifying the GH hook killer.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors suggest that the Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Arden has had it out for Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali). Ever since the beginning of Trina’s trial, it was apparent Arden wanted to make an example out of Trina.

General Hospital recaps recall Molly Lansing Davis (Haley Pullos) witnessed discrimination and racism within the DA’s office. Molly found flaws throughout the entire system in regard to unfair treatment. As a result of Molly’s blunt observation, she was pushed out of working on Trina’s trial.

Too Good To Be True

General Hospital rumors suspect that Rory Cabrera (Michael Blake Kruse) has been too good to be true as PCPD’s latest rookie and Trina’s biggest supporter.

GH spoilers hint that ADA Arden is targeting Trina’s supporters. You can read the full explanation HERE. Ava Jerome (Maura West), Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy), and Oz Haggerty (Max Faugno), have all been supportive of Trina and had a hand in proving her innocence. Here’s the thing- Rory has also been a no questions asked, blind supporter for Trina. He believed her to be innocent without even knowing her; as if he was trying to win her over. If the ADA is going after those who helped Trina, you may ask why Rory hasn’t gotten the hook yet. There could be a simple explanation for that. If suspicions about Rory are true, he isn’t really one of the good guys. GH rumors claim Rory is working with the ADA, attacking the people of Port Charles, with an endgame that is focused on Trina.

GH rumors speculate Rory catfished Trina, and manipulated her into believing he was on her side, while secretly working toward her conviction with ADA Arden. When their mission failed and Trina was exonerated, they set out to attack those who helped her achieve freedom. GH spoilers hint that they won’t stop until they get to Trina, unless someone can stop them in their tracks.