General Hospital Spoilers: Rumor Alert: Sam Asks Julian If He’s Seen Jason And Danny, Julian Dies Saving His Grandson, Danny

Just when you think Julian Jerome (William deVry) couldn’t possibly stoop any lower, he goes ahead and gives us all a shock.

Although Julian is know for his poor decision making, and self destructive behavior, it was still a shock to GH fans that Julian would agree to Cyrus Renault’s (Jeff Kober) stern request to kill his grandchildren’s father, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton).

General Hospital spoilers reveal the burner phone given to Julian by Cyrus was much more than a means to get in touch with Renault what the job was done. General Hospital previews show the burner phone was actually the detonator, causing it to go off with a bar full of innocent people, Julian’s family included.

General Hospital previews show Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) outside the horrific scene, asking if Jason and Danny had been seen. GH rumors claim she is talking to Julian, and that’s when he learns that his grandson was in the bar.

General Hospital rumors suggest Julian will die going back in to save his grandson, Danny Morgan (Porter Fasullo). As he tries to save an in center child, Julian doesn’t make it.

Will Julian end up a hero after all? Or is there no redemption for this man after this?