General Hospital Spoilers: Sasha’s Heartbreaking Plea Leads To Breakdown

Sasha pleads with Gladys
Sasha pleads with Gladys

Just when you think a situation can’t get any worse, or when it finally feels like you’re in a better place, a blast from where takes things down to ground zero. How much can Sasha Gilmore take before she actually has a breakdown?

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Sasha feels all sorts of intense emotions after going through a traumatic ordeal. Additionally, Sasha now deals with the emotional scarring caused by Gladys Corbin’s betrayal. Still, the brave young survivor bravely faces her mother-in-law.

Sasha Gilmore Dr. Montague Gladys Corbin

Sasha Pleads with Gladys to Prove Her Love

According to the most recent GH previews and spoilers, Sasha begs Gladys to prove her love by turning herself in. Their emotionally jarring scenes lead fans to speculate about how this is going to play out. Currently, Sasha caught Gladys off guard and demands answers. Moreover, GH spoilers and rumors tease that Sasha gives Gladys a chance she doesn’t deserve.

Will Gladys use her one get out of jail free card? That’s the catch. turning her self, and won’t keep Gladys out of jail, but the selfless act will prove to Sasha, that Gladys means what she says. Now, for the heartbreaking reality… GH rumors claim that Gladys won’t go through with it. She won’t turn he raked in, therefore, she will not prove her love to Sasha. Sadly, rumors hint that there’s a chance that Sasha’s heartbreaking plea leads to a breakdown when Gladys rejects her.

How will Sasha handle it if Gladys proves that her love was always a lie?

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