General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny And Sasha React To Shocking News- Sasha Pressures Brando, Gladys Is Grilled By Sonny

Sonny confronts Gladys Cody tells Sasha about Brando’s garage

Sonny confronts Gladys. Oopsie! Cody Bell spills the tea. Can he play dumb well enough to buy himself time to gather facts? He was under the assumption that Sasha Gilmore was well aware of a recent major transaction. On the contrary, she knows nothing of the sort.

According to general hospital recaps, Brando’s death left lasting grief for those who love him. Soon after he passed, his wife and mothers relationship was in a good place. So much so, that Gladys took over Sashas Conservatorship. Reluctantly, Sasha put trust in her mother-in-law.

Understandably, the grief-stricken women coped in the best they knew. That being said, Gladys chose an unhealthy coping mechanism that will lead to fallout. Needless to say, gambling with the big sharks is not the answer.

Previously, Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) overheard Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs) and Selina Wu (Lydia Look) discussing a transaction. At the time, he was unaware of Sasha and Gladys’ relationship. However, he soon found out the truth. Cody assumed Sasha knew that Brando’s (Johnny Corbin) garage had been sold. So, the subject matter came up in casual conversation.

Sonny Confronts Gladys

General Hospital spoilers reveal Gladys’ secret causes catastrophic recourse. In recent General Hospital previews, Cody unintentionally drops a bomb on his new friend. Now that Sasha knows, she pressures Cody for the entire story.

Moreover, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) puts his cousin on the spot. Brando’s garage was sold right out from under Sasha by the woman she trusts with her life. No one saw this coming, but now that the damage is done, what ever will Sonny do with greedy Gladys?