General Hospital Spoilers: Spencer Has Second Thoughts After Meeting With Victor, Spencer Crosses Uncle Victor?

Spencer meets with Victor

Spencer crosses Uncle Victor. Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) plans to take over. One family member at a time, Victor uses each one for his personal agenda. Currently, he’s fixated on his nephew Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez).

(Un)luckily for Esme, she gave birth to an heir. And not just any heir, but a Cassadine heir. Controlling and dangerous, Victor Cassadine’s plan to take baby Ace from his mother is fueled by Spencer’s vendetta against his father, Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma), as well as Esme.

Victor’s influence on his young nephew is manipulative and destructive. No matter how much he’s been warned against Victor, it’s not getting through to Spencer. However, sometimes it takes a personal experience to understand when something or someone isn’t good for you. That being said, Spencer meets with Victor to discuss plans to get their hands on Esme’s son.

According to recent General Hospital rumors, Spencer has second thoughts after meeting with his uncle. Uncle Victor tries so hard to convince Spence that he has his best interest in mind. But, Laura Spencer Collins (Genie Francis) warned her grandson about his Cassadine uncle time after time. Perhaps Uncle Vic tries a little too hard this time. It’s possible that Victor goes above and beyond gushing about the details to his plan against Esme. If Spencer thinks twice about what Victor wants to do, he may not go through with the plan at all. What will happen to Spencer is he crosses Uncle Victor?

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