General Hospital Spoilers: The Ultimate Betrayal- Jason’s His Own Boss Now And Goes By The Name Of… *****

General Hospital Spoilers: Jason goes by Stone as in Cold
General Hospital Spoilers:
Jason goes by Stone as in Cold

One of the most anticipated comebacks in all of Soap Opera history is just over a week away. As previously shared, GH Blog helped spread the word about Steve Burton’s return. It was revealed that Burton’s air date is set for March 4th. Finally! It’s the return we’ve all (most) been waiting for.

Jason Morgan will soon make his way back to Port Charles after having been crushed by debris and presumed dead. Speculation has run wild since ABC’s big surprise, and GH rumors sparked excitement and debate, to say the least. As expected, GH fans erupted into almost constant discussion on social media platforms. Now that we are inching closer to the big event, a major hint was dropped in the mob war mystery.

What’s In A Name? (Honestly? So much!) The Boss Is Revealed As “Stone” As In “Cold”

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease Selina Wu (Lydia Look) and Sonny’s efforts won’t go without reward- or at least some promising insight. According to General Hospital recaps, Selina brought Sonny to where she held Lee as her prisoner. She and Sonny wanted answers, and they were willing to use whatever is necessary to get Lee to talk.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors reveal that Jason’s grand resurrection will shock Port Charles. However, this isn’t the first time that the mob enforcer has returned from the dead. We’ve been there and done that with the happy little reunions. That said, GH spoilers claim that Lee dropped a major hint when he confessed that the boss goes by Stone. Enough beating around the bush. Jason Morgan goes by STONE COLD, he’s a good shot, yes. But would he ever shoot at Sonny? Probably not. He knows Sonny’s island like the back of his hand, which makes things complicated. Could Jason have even forced to reveal the leg of the land?