General Hospital Spoilers: There’s A Chance Finn Is Not Chase’s Father

The Chase family has just been shaken by devastating news from the past that indeed has an effect on all members of the family even today. Although the act of deception happened decades ago, the pain of it all remains.

Finn (Michael Easton) and Jacki (Kim Delaney) finally came complete clean about their feelings for each other which lead to them sleeping together one night before she married Finn’s dad, Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison). As a result, the paternity of Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) was compromised.

After some back and forth, the family decided to find out the truth. With a DNA test, Finn read the results in front of Chase, Jackie, and Gregory, naming himself as Chase’s father, as opposed to Gregory.

General Hospital spoilers and previews indicate the mystery of Chase’s paternity may not be over. In a recent Gh preview, Finn is telling Chase that he wants to run another DNA test. It’s true, the original DNA test revealed Finn to be Chase’s biological father, but something isn’t sitting quite right with Finn. He wants to make sure the results are accurate before all their lives complete change. It’s possible the DNA results could have been skewed, and having a second test done could either confirm or contradict the original results. Either way, the truth about what Finn and Jackie did back then is out in the open. Whether or not Finn is the father won’t change the fact that Finn and Jackie had feelings for one another and slept together the night before she married Gregory.

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