General Hospital Spoilers: There’s Friction Between Jason And Carly As She’s Taken Back By His Insensitivity

Everyone in Port Charles and beyond knows that wherever Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) goes, his best and most trusted friend, Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) will follow. The same goes for Jason. He will follow Carly to the ends of the Earth to support and protect.

General Hospital spoilers reveal a new dynamic between these life long besties. Now that Jason is back after Carly had to step up as a Mob Boss with The Five Families, there will be friction between them over power and decisions that need to be made for the business.

However, mob life isn’t the only thing causing friction between Jason and Carly. General Hospital spoilers indicate Jason’s new relationship with Dr. Britt Westbourne has Carly on somewhat of a tizzy, as every girl that has meant something to Jason. Although she is always happy for Jason’s happiness, she can’t help her jealously rearing it’s ugly head.

General Hospital previews show a disgruntled Carly, asking Jason “how he could say that to me?” Jason seems to be putting other things such as the business and/or Britt before Carly in this particular conversation, and Carly just isn’t here for all that noise.

General Hospital rumors suggest things could get difficult for a while, during this time period without Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). But everything changes once the shocking revelation of Sonny’s existence blindsides Port Charles and The Five Families.

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