General Hospital Spoilers: Triggered! Elizabeth Uncovers Her Dark Past When The Present Feels All Too Familiar

Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) hasn’t had an easy life. After being rape as a teenager and living in a boxcar with the love of her life, Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson), Liz has come a long way. She’s now a mother of 3 and a successful Nurse at GH.

Just because she’s been able to lead a stable life doesn’t mean Liz has overcome all of her childhood trauma. General Hospital spoilers reveal Elizabeth’s subconscious is about to uncover a traumatic event which took place during her childhood.

Triggered by what happened in the stairwell with Peter August (Wes Ramsey), General Hospital recaps recall Elizabeth having flashbacks, calling out to her father, Jeff Webber. It’s possible that the act of covering up Peter’s presumed death jarred some memories Elizabeth has been harboring, leading to a dark past.

General Hospital previews and spoilers indicate that they will dig deeper into Liz’s past to get to the root of her unresolved trauma, while General Hospital rumors hint that she may have committed murder as a child. It’s likely that someone was out to harm Liz herself, or her father and/or mother. Liz resents her parents for not being there for her much while growing up, but we may come to find they had good reason. What will come of Jeff Webber’s return to Port Charles?

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