General Hospital Spoilers: Unlucky In Love; Britt Figures Out Cody’s True Agenda

Taylor Swift once said, “Love is a ruthless game unless you play it good and right.” It seems like Britt doesn’t have all the rules of the game down as she keeps striking out. One misfortune after another has gotten her down on her luck when it comes to love.

General Hospital recaps remind fans that Dr. Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) has been struggling to find love after losing Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) to an unfortunate accident. She thought she had finally found the man she could trust with her deepest feelings, share her fears, adventures, and ultimately her life. That came to a screeching halt when Jason was presumed dead after allegedly being crushed in a cave.

Fast forward to getting over the heartbreak and mourning, General Hospital spoilers reveal Britt is taking a leap and giving love another chance. Though reluctant, Britt doesn’t want to give up on finding her true match and gives Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) a shot.

General Hospital previews and spoilers indicate that it won’t take long for Britt’s hopes to be crushed when she figures out what Cody is really after. It’s obvious he’s fixated on her father, Cesar Faison (Anders Hove), but the reason is still a mystery.

GH rumors and spoilers suggest Britt catches on quickly and realizes that Cody is interested in her for her money. Chief of Staff at GH isn’t a and gig, and Cody is broke and desperate. He’s been bribing and blackmailing, so why not add using a woman for her money to the list of shady character traits?

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