General Hospital Spoilers: Will Esme’s Troubled Past Allow Some To Fall Sympathetic?

If genuine, sometimes a single tear rolling down a cheek is all some need to instantly feel connected to the pain another is going through. Behind all the evil manipulation, there’s a reason why Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) does what she does.

Call it biology, call it a traumatic upbringing, or whatever you wish. The fact remains that Esme is a product of her past environment as well as the struggle of being the daughter of a psychopath.

General Hospital recaps focus on Esme’s letter from her nanny, Maggie, where she clearly lied about her current life in Port Charles. Maggie seems reassured that Esme wasn’t going about town trying to connect with her biological father, Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom), but Maggie couldn’t be more wrong. The single tear rolling down Esme’s cheek has set the stage for a backstory the audience may not be prepared for. Most times there can be good found amidst the evil traits of a troubled soul and it seems as though Esme isn’t as much like her dad as we thought. No excuses; Esme Prince is dangerous, but now we have been presented with all the gray areas that have lead her to act this way.

General Hospital spoilers hint that some new information and backstory to Esme’s life will tug at some heart strings despite what we have all seen she’s done. It’s highly unlikely that many, if any, will be able to sympathize with the young woman after everything she has done, but that element of “why” has been displayed, leaving the audience to decide how they feel.

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