General Hospital Spoilers: Willow’s Near Death Situation Gets Brook Lynn A Second Chance

Chase gives Brook Lynn a second chance

Chase gives Brook Lynn a second chance. Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) hasn’t been herself lately. After her breakup with Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard), Brook Lynn doesn’t have her same spark. We aren’t saying that she isn’t a bright light on her own, we just mean we see a bit of sadness in her overall aura ever since she lost her true love.

General Hospital recaps recall Chase had the last of Brook Lynn’s antics. Before they got together, Chase was hesitant to pursue anything more than friendship due to her tendency to lie and scheme. Until one day, a particular scheme caught Harrison Chase’s interest.

Although Brook Lynn was caught up in more illicit role play drama, this time there was much more to it than your average Brook Lynn classics. Surprisingly, Chase eventually saw past the lies and discovered a completely unselfish reason behind the scheme. Because of this, Chase actually fell in love with Brook Lynn. What Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) did to protect her baby from Peter August (Wes Ramsey) is what any mother desperate to keep her child safe would do. That being said, Brook Lynn couldn’t let Maxie fight the good fight alone. Therefore, Brook Lynn agreed to pass off Maxie’s baby as her own.

Finally, Chase was enamored with Brook Lynn’s sacrifice to help Maxie raise her baby in such a way. Chase saw Brook Lynn in a different light when he realized how strong she really is. She knew that she would have to eventually give up baby Louise but went through with it anyway. Ironically, the strength Brook Lynn displayed in a scheme is what led her and Chase down lover’s lane.

Chase Gives Brook Lynn A Second Chance

General Hospital recaps recall Brook Lynn’s short lived selflessness. Meanwhile, General Hospital spoilers reveal, shortly after one scheme made them fall in love, another was the one that tore them apart.

According to General Hospital spoilers, Brook Lynn and Chase are still not over one another. Chase had all he could take in regard to Brook Lynn’s antics. After selfishly sabotaging his job, Chase couldn’t look at her the same. BLQ did everything in her power to ensure Chase’s career as a pop star. In doing so, she shut the door on his opportunity to return to the PCPD.

Fast forward and GH spoilers and previews indicate that Chase gives Brooklyn a second chance. After talking with Willow, Chase is inspired to let love lead. After all, life is short.