GH Spoilers: Morgan Goes Off the Deep End

MorganDeepEndMorgan has hit rock bottom. He refuses to believe that he is sick, he won’t take advice from his own father who has lived through the struggle that is Bi-polar Disorder because he is in denial. Morgan won’t take his medication and is currently going through a manic episode. After acting out on his sexual frustration and hooking up with Darby, he wants to show Kiki and his family that he isn’t a screw up. However, Morgan goes about it the wrong way as he tries to interfere with an arms shipment taking place on Pier 54, Sonny’s territory.

General Hospital spoilers and previews reveal Morgan standing on the roof of General Hospital, contemplating the events that just took place, and flirting with the notion of ending it all.

Perhaps this is where Morgan’s mind has to go in order to realize that he truly does need help from those who love him, his doctor, and his medication.

What do you think? Will Morgan come to his senses about his recent diagnosis?