GH Spoilers: “This Week it all changes in Port Charles!! It’s one hell of a ride.”

sonnylookingformorgancarlywhathappenedsonnyjasonmichaelpcpd sonnypcpd General Hospital spoilers and news has already revealed that Bryan Craig has decided to end his run as General Hospital’s Morgan Corinthos, son of Sonny and Carly.

As the cast prepares to say goodbye to their colleague and friend, Laura Wright reaches out via Twitter to help fans prepare for what’s ahead.

The title of this post is actually a Tweet written by Laura Wright (Carly), regarding this week’s events that will have an undeniably horrific impact on the entire Corinthos family.

As S0nny and Carly enter into this family nightmare, their relationship and faith in God and one another will be put to the test. Carly warned Sonny that any action toward Julian Jerome would come back onto their family, and she was right. Michael is furious with his father for setting this in motion. How is Sonny going to handle the fallout? Can Carly stand by her man even after this? Will Michael, Kristina, and Dante lose all respect for their Dad?

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