Is John McBain Actually Caleb Morley?

One Life to Live vet character John McBain has made a home in Port Charles. He is starting to put roots down there. He has a job as a detective at the PCPD, and has lasting friendships with Commissioner Anna DeVane, Sam Morgan. So what would make him go on a murdering spree? Is McBain one in the same with Port Charles vampire Caleb Morley? Or is Caleb just an extreme look alike? Evil twin perhaps? Whoever they may be to one another, we know that Caleb has already killed Alison Barrington and has attempted to kill a prison guard/officer in Port Charles. Anna is starting to get suspicious of McBain since looking at the security video of him escorting Rafe out of his prison cell. Now that yet another person (Sabrina) has witnessed McBain/Morley next to a body with a weapon and blood on his hands, perhaps he will be found out sooner than later.