Is Robin Returning for the Nurses Ball?

What does Dr. Obrecht (Britt’s Mom) have in store for the Scorpio Drake family at the Nurses Ball?!

The burning question on every General Hospital fan’s mind is whether or not Kimberly McCullough will come back as Robin at the Nurses Ball. It seems like such a perfect time for her return since the Ball honors Robin herself. The Nurses Ball is a benefit for HIV and AIDS research. This year, partnership with amfAR marks the first time that the Nurses Ball will be linked to a non-fictional charity, and helps to continue amfAR’s vastly important mission of raising awareness for HIV and AIDS.

This year, a kind, caring, nurse, Sabrina Santiago decided it would be an amazing idea to revive the Nurses Ball to honor her friend Dr. Patrick Drake’s (presumed) late wife. Wouldn’t it be the most inopportune time for Patrick’s dead wife to reveal herself? In the soap world, the most inopportune time is actually the best time for these things to happen. Think about it, Sabrina has grown very close to Patrick and Robin’s daughter Emma, Sabrina finally builds up the courage to tell Patrick how she feels about him, and after struggling with his feelings and battling moving forward after losing Robin, Patrick admits to Sabrina that he has deep feelings for her, Robin frees herself from being Faison’s prisoner and presents herself at the Nurses Ball.

Robin’s return is what everyone is waiting for. I think that it could quite possibly be the biggest “gift” or “surprise” as Frank Valentini likes to call them for the fans during this special 50 year celebration. However, only time will tell if Kimberly McCullough has returned as Robin. The good news is, we won’t have to wait long to find out if she will return at the Ball since the continuation of the Nurses Ball takes place Monday, April 8th, and Tuesday, April 9th. In the event that Robin does not make an appearance for the 50th anniversary, there is always the possibility that the character will return in the future.