John J. York (Mac Scorpio) Talks About Upcoming Story Lines and Surprises

John J. York first entered the General Hospital canvas about 23 years ago in 1991. His character, Mac Scorpio has many Port Charles connections including, Robert Scorpio, Frisco Jones, Felicia Jones, Robin Scorpio Drake, Maxie Jones, and more. Mac is definitely a fan favorite. He is the good guy, the warm hearted father and uncle that everyone just wants to hug. Mac has always been there for Robin, Maxie, and the late Georgie, and is consistently trying to steer those girls into the right direction. Recently, Mac had been trying to convince Maxie that Levi is no good for her. He has changed her from the inside, and not in a good, self growth kind of way. Maxie didn’t see it that way, as she met Levi when she was very vulnerable. She was down and out about losing custody of her daughter, baby Georgie, to Georgie’s father, Spinelli. She thought Levi helped her through her dark days, when in actuality, he was creating more sorrow and misfortune in her life. Maxie learned her lesson when on her wedding day, Levi was exposed for the scheming con artist he really is. Levi was out to get Felicia’s Aztec jewels and he used Maxie to get there. Many fans have been questioning an even deeper motive that Levi may have for reeking havoc on the residents of Port Charles. Fans also want to know who he is connected to, and who his father is. In a recent interview with Michael Fairman, John J. York touches on some of those concerns.

In the interview, Michael Fairman flat out asks York if he thinks that Levi is Mac’s son. John J. York replied, “I don’t thinks so, but it would be crazy if he was. How ironic if Levi is a little mysterious rogue kind of pirate like Mac was when he first came on the show.” Levi being Mac’s son just wouldn’t mesh well with the story. Levi seems like pure evil and Mac is a good guy. Unless Levi is a disgruntled, long lost child…

John J. York went on about how much he likes actor Zachary Garred (Levi Dunkleman). In regards to the backlash Garred has been receiving from fans about his character, Levi, York said, “I love the story, and I love Zachary. He’s great!  You have to embrace the bad guy, and he got a lot of flack from fans at first.  Many people for hundreds of years have gone through that.  Some people didn’t like Susan Lucci when she played the more villainess side of Erica Kane on All My Children.  So there is that love/hate thing, but Zachary is awesome.”

That “fake” Australian accent has been a hot topic on social media among fans. We know that Levi’s portrayer, Zachary Garred is in fact Australian, so therefore his accent is real. But on the show, the character has been pretending to have an Australian accent, and when he revealed his true colors, the accent was dropped. Michael Fairman pointed out that when Mac first arrived in Port Charles, he too had an Australian accent.  “That’s right … Mac did too!  So there are a lot of things that are going to be surprises coming up!” York responded.


For the full interview with John J. York, please visit www.michaelfairmansoaps.com.

What are your thoughts about the current story? Will Mac survive being shot by Levi? What does Levi have in store for the Scorpio family?








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