Kristen Alderson NOT Returning to General Hospital

KristenAThis cannot be expressed enough, “don’t believe everything you read.” Especially when it comes to the internet. Today, many internet sources post false information and completely misleading headlines just to get an audience to view their posts. In this particular case, that is exactly what has happened.

Despite the rampant rumors regarding the return of Kristen Alderson as Kiki Jerome, that line of you know what, is absolutely false. This rumor is the result of a non-credible source, trying to cause a stir with GH fans, simply for the clicks and publicity.

General Hospital Blog wanted to clarify, and let you all know that Nathan Varni has confirmed, Kristen Alderson is NOT returning to GH, that it’s not in the works.

Please check out the screen shot below which a fan asks about Kristen, and Nathan responds.
Kristen also clears up the rumor via twitter.

Thank you Nathan Varni, for clearing up that mess!