Rebecca Budig Returns to GH with a Contract

RebeccaBudigThe ABC soap vet and All My Children alum, Rebecca Budig, joined the cast of General Hospital back in March of this year. She was brought on as her character was part of the Jason Morgan/Jake Doe story line. As of right now, in Port Charles, Hayden Barnes, played by Budig, holds the key to Jason’s true identity.

Sure, other people are aware that Jake Doe (Billy Miller) is actually Jason. Those people include, Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher), Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst), Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson), and Laura Spencer (Genie Francis). Well since Nikolas is the original person to harbor this secret and let Liz in on it because she is in love with Jake/Jason, and since Nik is now acting like a full blown Cassadine, there’s no chance of him or Liz coming clean. Nikolas told Lucky about this so that Lucky could have peace of mind if he decided to leave town. Knowing that Jason Morgan was caring for his children, Lucky felt it was right for him to leave and let Liz be happy. Therefore, Lucky has skipped town, and won’t be back to tell for the foreseeable future. Laura Spencer overheard a conversation Nikolas was having that she obviously was never meant to hear. Although she doesn’t agree with what Nikolas and Liz are doing, she feels that it isn’t her place to reveal the truth and expose their lies.

This leaves Hayden Barnes. Hayden is the woman that Nikolas out a hit out on in order to keep her quiet. Recently, Patrick has been receiving reports of her condition, that she is waking up.

General Hospital spoilers have revealed that Rebecca Budig has already started taping for GH, and her character will return this Fall. According to Soap Opera Digest, Budig has signed a contract with General Hospital and is here to stay… well at least she’s here until her contract is up.

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