Kristen Alderson: Starr Goes from OLTL to GH

First I have to start off by stating that I am still saddened by the cancellation of AMC and OLTL. Just as GH, I grew up watching AMC and OLTL with my Mother. That being said, I for one was really excited to hear that some of the OLTL actors would be crossing over and taking up residence in Port Charles. Some viewers have been having mixed emotions on the news of One Life to Love characters coming over to General Hospital. For me, it is definitely a plus. I don’t understand what would possibly be bad about these interjections. I mean, Port Charles gets new residents all the time anyways, so why not have some be familiar faces from other fictional towns? I watched Starr Manning grow up on OLTL and am happy to see her make such a splash on General Hospital. She is doing a fantastic job. Her first few days in PC were very emotional and Kristen Alderson brought it! I felt her pain almost as if it were real.  And I say “almost” because let’s be honest, no TV show can compare to the very human, very real feeling of personal loss. But she definitely got us as close as it can get. Every Mother’s worst nightmare was played out in those scenes and Kristen really knew how to bring it home. As the weeks have been going on Starr is mingling her way through the people of PC and establishing some important personal as well as business relationships. I can’t wait to see where they will take this character in the near and distant future. I am liking her with Michael right now, but I am also open to other options. Matt maybe? Please feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think! Congrats Ms. Alderson, and welcome to GH. You are doing a stellar job!