Will Liz Set Shawn Free?

SeanBlakemoreThe last time we saw Shawn, he was being hauled off to Pentonville for a crime he didn’t commit. Nikolas and Elizabeth have done some despicable things in the recent past, which includes, lying, cheating, attempted murder, and keeping secrets that could change people’s lives.

Now that Elizabeth has confirmed her suspicions that Nikolas had Hayden shot, will she come clean with what she knows? Liz has the power to set an innocent man free. As the audience, we know that Shawn wasn’t the one who shot Hayden, and we know that Sean Blakemore left General Hospital. However, General Hospital rumors have been circulating, claiming that since Liz knows the truth, she may do one right thing in her life and tell the truth about Shawn. Will she out her partner in their other crimes?

What do the fans think? It would be fantastic to see Shawn go free and for Sean Blakemore to make his way back to GH. Would you like to see Sean return?