End Online Hate! Bryan Craig Takes Step Back from Twitter

BryanCIt seems like a growing trend for people to hide behind their keyboard to verbally attack another person. This isn’t the first time we have heard of “cyber bullying” and it isn’t even the first time it has happened with an actor on General Hospital.

A few weeks back, GH actress, Emme Rylan (Lulu Spencer), experienced so much negativity and hate on the social media site Twitter, that she addressed her fans, letting them know she was taking a break from the site to avoid the hurtful, negative, and hateful discussions.

Over the weekend, GH actor Bryan Craig (Morgan Corinthos) experienced the same treatment from so-called GH fans on Twitter. Bryan received a lot of online hate and is just about fed up. He was supported by his co-star and TV Dad, Maurice Benard, along with other friends and c0-stars.

General Hospital Blog wants to encourage FANS to be just that, true FANS. Why do people find the need to want to put others down, or to verbally attack them? It’s easy for cruel behavior to spiral when someone is hiding behind their computer, but just because it’s easy to spout the negativity, doesn’t mean it’s easy to ignore. These are REAL PEOPLE, with REAL FEELINGS. They are human beings. Let’s BE KIND to those around us, even in cyber space. Please, let’s put an end to cyber bullying, to online hate. We are human. Be kind.