We Love GH’s Mac Scorpio!







I mean really, who doesn’t love Mac Scorpio?! Kind-hearted, good looking, funny guy, and a good Father/Uncle! Mac has been around Port Charles for so long… longer than I have been watching GH, but not much. 😉 Mac first arrived in Port Charles in 1991, (I was 9 years old). Mac is well known for his relationship with Felicia Jones played by Kristina Wagner. In more recent years, writers have played with the idea of Mac being romantically involved with PC lawyer, and Mother of 3 beautiful girls, Sam, Kristina, and Molly, Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn). They have been back and forth with Mac and Alexis and it has never really amounted to anything more than awkward set ups by the Davis Girls. Now, to further complicate things, Felicia is back in town and she and Mac have been talking about getting back together. After the death of Georgie, and now Robin’s “death,” Mac really needs some happiness in his life. Who do you all want to see Mac in a romantic relationship with? Should he go back to his old flame Felicia? Or should he start fresh with Alexis?

Not only do we love Mac Scorpio the character, but we love John York himself. He is such a kind man! If you are on Twitter, you will see that he reaches out to fans effortlessly. He is genuine when tweeting and responding to his fans, supports them just as much as we support him and the show. It is a great thing when an actor truly shows appreciation for the support of the fans by reciprocating respect and enthusiasm. I want to give John York a huge THANK YOU from General Hospital Blog for being an amazing actor, keeping Mac awesome, and for supporting the fans and this blog! I look forward to watching his upcoming story lines with the ladies of PC! Follow him on Twitter @JohnJYork