Luke and Anna: More than Friends?

There is no doubt that these two light up the screen whenever they are together. They have a long history, have been through it all, and have remained friends throughout the years. They are connected in so many ways and their friendship runs true. But what if there is something more? A spark, a flame, an ignition that goes well beyond history and longevity. Would it last? Would it ruin their friendship if things didn’t pan out? Is it worth the risk? Don’t forget Laura, and Tracy, and of course there is Robert. Truth is, the idea of Luke and Anna becoming romantically involved is a nice idea on the surface. They are cute together, funny, care for and respect each other. However, I would feel really bad for Tracy. I realize she and Luke are not together and she is married to good ole Anthony Zacchara. But in her heart of hearts Tracy truly does love Luke. Those two are so fun together. They are funny which is an important element to be added to the drama of the PC canvas. Luke loves Tracy (Spanky Buns) too and right now he has been side tracked by her marriage to that crazy old man. Laura may never come back to Port Chuckles, but her memory still remains and Anna knows who she was to Luke and what she meant to him. Then there is Robert. Robert and Anna are also legendary. I am unsure if this sort of thing should be messed with. Some thing just shouldn’t be touched, even in soaps, but I am not 100% convinced this is one of them. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens and what the future holds for Luke and Anna. What do you think? Should Luke and Anna be the new GH “IT” couple?