Michael Easton, Kristen Alderson, and Roger Howarth to Remain on General Hospital?

After Michael Easton’s announcement on Facebook regarding the legal issues tied to the reason he would have to leave GH on February 8th, ABC made a statement saying that  they plan on Easton, Alderson, and Howarth remaining at GH after all. Although Prospect Park has a licensing agreement for the characters of John McBain, Todd Manning, and Starr Manning, the actors are still under contract with General Hospital. ABC is trying to come up with a plan to keep these characters on the show. They mentioned the possibility of changing John McBain’s name permanently to Caleb Morley. As for Starr and Todd, there hasn’t been any developments on how ABC will pull off a character change without confusing the viewers. General Hospital Blog will keep you informed as new developments are posted. Thank You!