Olivia’s Dog Hallucination

Ever since Olivia started “seeing” Maxie, Lulu, and Dante with that dog, I could not figure out how in the world it could be related to the baby Maxie would be carrying for Dante and Lulu. On New Year’s Eve, when the dog came to Maxie’s apartment, she chased it, and she fell and lost the baby, I thought for sure that was the last we would be seeing of that cute cuddly pup in Olivia’s premonitions. Last week, Olivia “saw” Maxie holding the dog again. This time there was an explanation. They were discussing what the animal looked like and Maxie and Olivia were in agreement that it looked like a little wolf. Maxie put the pieces together and said to herself, “a jackal!” We all know the Spinelli we know and love refers to himself as The Jackal. I was so happy that this was cleared up and so fascinated with the way this came out and was pieced together. I have to say I am loving every bit of Maxie carrying Spinelli’s baby!

Pic generously shared by Lianne Bremer on www.facebook.com/generalhospitalblog

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