Will Patrick Hide Jake’s Identity From Sam?

Back when Robin was whisked away by Victor Cassadine to help him bring his family members back from being cryogenically frozen, Patrick had to make a decision. After learning that Victor told Robin that she would be helping bring Jason Morgan back to life, Patrick had to decide to hide this information from his friend Sam. He kept the secret that Jason was alive and being held by the Cassadines for months. As their relationship grew from friendship to romance, Patrick struggled with the decision of letting Sam know there could be hope for her husband Jason.

General Hospital rumors have been suggesting that Patrick may soon be battling with a quite similar predicament. Patrick has operated on Jason Morgan as well as Jake Doe. He has performed invasive surgery and has analyzed brain scans. It is quite possible that Patrick has an inclination that Jake is actually Jason Morgan.
It will be interesting to find out whether or not Patrick will go down that road. Will he be forced to make another decision that could make or break his relationship with Sam? If Patrick knows that Jake is Jason, if he tells her, he could lose her. After all, Jason is her husband. If he doesn’t tell her, he would betray her trust yet again. Either way, Patrick loses.
The question is, with all the General Hospital spoilers and rumors floating around, could it be true that Patrick knows/will find out that Jake is Jason Morgan?
Let us know what you think. If Patrick knows, will he hide this from Sam in hopes to keep her?