General Hospital Shocking News: Jason Thompson OUT

PatrickEmmaIn the recent past few months, General Hospital rumors have been swirling, claiming that General Hospital’s Jason Thompson was leaving the show as Dr. Patrick Drake.

It has been known that Thompson’s contract was about due, and it was said that he was contemplating leaving his character, Patrick, behind. With the way the Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) story line is unfolding, it seems as of he felt this was the right time for Patrick to leave Port Charles. Although the Patrick and Sam pairing is loved by many, a Jason and Sam reunion has been long awaited by a very large fan base. It’s inevitable that eventually Jason and Sam (Kelly Monaco) will be together again, leaving Patrick behind.

General Hospital news and spoilers have revealed that Jason Thompson has not renewed his contract with GH, and that he will be leaving the show.

Related to Patrick leaving Port Charles, fans have been wondering what now will happen with Emma Drake (Brooklyn Silzer). Her mother, Robin (Kimberly McCullough), is out of the picture, and since Patrick will now be gone, who will be left to care for Emma. Will Anna (Finola Hughes), become Emma’s legal guardian, or will Brooklyn Silzer also leave GH for lack of story line?

Let us know what you think about Jason Thompson’s exit. Will his departure effect your future interest in General Hospital?



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Jason Thompson Contemplates Leaving General Hospital

PatrickEmmaJason Thompson joined the cast of General Hospital in 2005. GH cast and crew along with adoring fans have been graced with his presence on GH for the past decade. We have gotten to know and love his character, Dr. Patrick Drake. Son of the iconic Noah Drake (Rick Springfield), Thompson knew his character Patrick has some expectations to live up to. Almost right away. Thompson was paired along side one of General Hospital’s most loved and respected actresses, Kimberly McCullough. After some ups and downs for Dr. Scorpio and Dr, Drake, the doctor duo became a super couple in Port Charles.

General Hospital spoilers reveal some unsettling news for Jason Thompson and Dr. Drake fans. According to Daytime Confidential, Thompson’s contract with General Hospital is just about expired, and rumor has it that he has been contemplating leaving the show. Some GH rumors claim that Thompson has been going back and forth with his decision since Kimberly McCullough left GH, and felt that there was nothing much for Patrick in Port Charles. It would seem that on the contrary, since Robin left Patrick, there has been quite a bit of excitement in Port Charles for Patrick. He is stellar as Emma’s dad, an amazing (ex) son in law to Anna, a phenomenal doctor, a great friend to Elizabeth, and a hot romance with Sam.

Now that we are on the verge of Jason remembering who he actually is and who he belongs with, this obviously poses a problem for Sam and Patrick’s relationship. Does this mean that once Sam and Jason reunite, there will be nothing left for Jason Thompson’s character on the show?

Many fans would be devastated to see Jason Thompson exit General Hospital. Patrick Drake has lived in Port Charles and inside our hearts for an entire decade. He brings so much to the show; his talent, his devastatingly good looks, his ability to connect with his on screen daughter, Emma (Brooklyn Silzer), and every romance he has with a leading lady is full of chemistry and passion.

What will be in store for Patrick Drake in order for Jason Thompson to agree to renew his contract? With Sam and Patrick’s relationship seemingly coming to an end, there must be something out there for Patrick to take part in, to keep Thompson wanting to stay. Let us know what you think! Where should Patrick Drake’s story lead? How do you feel about the possibility of Jason Thompson leaving General Hospital?

General Hospital Spoilers: Someone Proposes During The Nurses Ball

General Hospital’s annual Nurses Ball event is set to take place this Friday, May 1st and go through Monday, May 4th to Tuesday, May 5th. Many General Hospital spoilers along with buzzing roomers have been floating around social media in regard to what is going to go down at this year’s Nurses Ball.

From entertaining stage performances which will include Magic Milo, to Patrick and Emma, and more, to someone getting killed, identities being outed, and secrets being revealed… and we can’t forget another marriage proposal! Remember GH’s 50th Anniversary and Nurses Ball episode in 2013 when Felicia Jones was proposed to by Frisco? Well, General Hospital spoilers have leaked that another man will make the brave move during the 2015 Nurses Ball. GH rumors have speculated that the doting doctor, Dr. Patrick Drake will propose to a very important woman in his life, a friendship that grew into something much more, Sam Morgan. Patrick and Sam just might be headed down the road to wedded bliss as Jake finds out he is actually Jason Morgan, stands by and let’s his wife be happy with another man.

GH Blog wants to know how you think this will all play out? Will Jake figure out he is Jason in time to stop Sam from marrying Patrick? Or will Jason do what Jason does and take the noble road and keep quiet because he sees how happy Sam is with Patrick? There are so many possibilities… let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the comments section below.



General Hospital Spoilers: Jake Revealed as Jason Morgan at Nurses Ball, and Much More!

In the daytime drama world it is time for May Sweeps, and for General Hospital, that also means it’s time for the annual Nurses Ball. There isn’t a Nurses Ball that goes by that isn’t filled with extreme hilarity, talented singing and dancing from the GH cast, and of course teeth clenching drama.

This year the Nurses Ball will air on Friday, May 1st and go through the beginning of the week of May 4th. GH Blog has previously reported that General Hospital spoilers reveal that Ian Buchanan will be leaving his role on GH as Duke Lavery. Many GH rumors out there have been circulating, claiming that Duke will die in the Jerome/Corinthos mob war that takes place along side the Nurses Ball.

The moment we all have been waiting for is just a few episodes away. Recent General Hospital spoilers revealed in an ABC press release that the BIG Jason Morgan discovery will take place during the Nurses Ball! It will be filled with intense emotion and undoubtedly, MAJOR complication.

If that wasn’t big enough for the 2015 Nurses Ball drama, it has been rumored that Patrick proposes to Sam at the Nurses Ball, and shortly after the proposal, Jake Doe is revealed to be the one and only, husband of Sam Morgan, Jason Morgan!

The wait is finally over, well almost. It seems as though the residents of Port Charles, and most importantly, Sam, will soon know Jake’s true identity. However, we are still a ways away from a Jason and Sam reunion. It won’t be all rainbows and butterflies right now the bat. If the GH rumor is true, and Patrick does propose to Sam just before she discovers her husband is alive, this will obviously be a huge hurtle that JaSam will have to over come.

GH fans have hung in there for quite some time, and with each episode, it is getting closer and closer to the Nurses Ball and the Jason Morgan reveal that everyone has been anticipating. Keep watching General Hospital to stay on top of all the drama and romance of the people of Port Charles.

General Hospital Spoilers: Patrick Finds Alan Quartermaine’s Ring, How Will He Handle This Discovery?

Just when we think that Jason and Sam are about to reconnect, General Hospital spoilers and rumors lead us to believe otherwise. This week on General Hospital, Sam Morgan rode on the back of a motorcycle with Jason- just like old times. Something about it just felt right to the both of them. Jake had memories/dreams of Sam the night before, and he isn’t sure what to think of them. Sam feels comfortable with Jake, even safe. The two were starting to reconnect on the motorcycle ride. However, it looks like that’s as far is the Jason and Sam reunion will go, for now.

General Hospital spoilers spill the beans that Patrick will find Alan Quartermaine’s wedding ring. Little Spencer found the ring in Nikolas’ safe at Windemere and brought it to Emma Drake, wanting a promise of commitment. Since the ring is in Patrick’s house, he will be the one to discover it. General Hospital rumors speculate that he isn’t quite sure what to make of this discovery and he will keep it to himself for quite a while. GH rumors have been claiming that this story will continue on until November, and that Jason and Sam will be kept apart until all of this unravels.

What will Patrick do this time around if he realizes that Jason is still alive? Now that he and Sam are more than just friends, will he be willing to give her up to her husband Jason? Patrick admitted to Emma that he loves Sam. If he couldn’t tell her the truth when they were just friends, it might be even more difficult to tell her now that her husband is alive.


General Hospital Spoilers: Ric’s Plan Backfires

Ric has always been an exception schemer. Who could forget how he came into Port Charles? He weaseled his way into his brother Sonny’s life under false pretenses, getting close to Sonny just to try and take him down. He kidnapped Carly while she was pregnant and locked her into a panic room, in a house he shared with Elizabeth. He lied to Elizabeth on a daily basis. Ric has done some questionable things around Port Charles, and there are more where those came from.

Ric’s latest scheme is just another way to get what he wants, Elizabeth. He is in love with Liz Webber as they found their way back to each other even after all the terrible things he did to her. However, when Liz thought Ric was dead, she started to have feelings for Jake (Jason) Doe. When Ric returned from the dead (or so everyone thought), he explained that he was in the witness protection program, and that he had been trying to get back to his love, Elizabeth. Since Liz and Jake were smack in the middle of a growing romance, Ric basically told Jake to get lost.

Some time has passed and Elizabeth has had time to try and sort out her feelings. She admitted that she has feelings for Jake, even though his past is uncertain. Knowing that Jake is an honorable man and will keep his commitments, Ric hired Hayden to pretend to be Jake’s wife in order to get him out of the picture, and Liz running back into his arms.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that although Ric may think he has the perfect plan, things will soon enough blow up in his face. Since there is another person involved in the scheme other than Ric and Hayden, this complicated the secret. The man who is posing for photos, pretending to be “Jake” may not be a sure thing for Ric to pull this off. General Hospital rumors have speculated that this man will end up blackmailing Ric, and flat out will not want to go through with the plan.

How will Elizabeth react when the truth comes out? If Ric thinks his plan is a sure thing… he’s got another thing coming.

Will Patrick Hide Jake’s Identity From Sam?

Back when Robin was whisked away by Victor Cassadine to help him bring his family members back from being cryogenically frozen, Patrick had to make a decision. After learning that Victor told Robin that she would be helping bring Jason Morgan back to life, Patrick had to decide to hide this information from his friend Sam. He kept the secret that Jason was alive and being held by the Cassadines for months. As their relationship grew from friendship to romance, Patrick struggled with the decision of letting Sam know there could be hope for her husband Jason.

General Hospital rumors have been suggesting that Patrick may soon be battling with a quite similar predicament. Patrick has operated on Jason Morgan as well as Jake Doe. He has performed invasive surgery and has analyzed brain scans. It is quite possible that Patrick has an inclination that Jake is actually Jason Morgan.
It will be interesting to find out whether or not Patrick will go down that road. Will he be forced to make another decision that could make or break his relationship with Sam? If Patrick knows that Jake is Jason, if he tells her, he could lose her. After all, Jason is her husband. If he doesn’t tell her, he would betray her trust yet again. Either way, Patrick loses.
The question is, with all the General Hospital spoilers and rumors floating around, could it be true that Patrick knows/will find out that Jake is Jason Morgan?
Let us know what you think. If Patrick knows, will he hide this from Sam in hopes to keep her?

General Hospital Spoilers: “Jake is Jason Morgan!” Reveal Promo

The wait is over people! General Hospital fans and the residents of Port Charles are about to finally find out who Jake Doe really is. Jake’s life is in jeopardy as he faces complications with his condition.

The new General Hospital Promo reveals Nikolas Cassadine stating what fans have known all along, “Jake is Jason Morgan.” Lives will never be the same now that the truth is out!

What will Sam do when she finds out her husband Jason Morgan is indeed alive? What does this mean for their relationship, or her relationship with Dr. Patrick Drake? Elizabeth and Jake have become very close since she took care of him in the hospital. Will there be a possible love connection?

JaSam and Liason fans get ready, this is going to be one hell of a ride!

Check out the GH promo below.

Robin Scorpio Drake Returns!

Are you all ready for the storylines to pick full force? From Patrick and Sam to Nina and Silas, to Robin and Jason, get ready for an extreme August that will lead us into late Fall.

This week on General Hospital, Sam and Patrick head out on an adventure to dig up dirt on Nina Clay. Sam has her suspicions  about Nina and she asked her pal Patrick Drake to accompany her in a quest to find out what Nina is really up to.

While at the clinic, Patrick remains silent about what he knows about Jason and what Robin is actually doing while she is away. We see Robin this week and she won’t be in Port Charles. Keep a look out for her at the clinic where Sam and Patrick are spending time looking into Nina’s medical files. Will Jason be right around the corner to where Sam and Patrick are conducting their detective work?

The amount of time Robin will be on screen is unknown. Actress Kimberly McCullough has not disclosed how long her stint on General Hospital will be this time around.