Will Robin be Home for Christmas?

I have read from fans all over that all they want to see on General Hospital is Robin home for Christmas. From Twitter, to Facebook, message boards and forums, fans are proclaiming their General Hospital Christmas wish, a Scrubs reunion. It seems that the ideal Scrubs story line as of lately would be if Robert and Anna found Robin and returned her home to Patrick, Emma, Mac and Maxie safe and sound before Christmas. However, we don’t know what this season will bring for The Scorpio-Drake family.

I have also been reading some complaints from fans stating that this story line has been dragged out for far too long. My take on it is that although it seems as if this story is taking a lot longer than we would like, perhaps Kimberly McCullough is unable to return to the GH canvas full time. Therefore leading the story line in the direction it is right now. If Kimberly is unable to commit fully to the role, than it might be more difficult to write the reunion of Robin and her family and be able to maintain a steady story on screen.

We all just need to be patient and take the story lines as they unfold. I too am anxious for Robin to return to Port Charles and be reunited with the ones that she loves. As for now, keep watching GH! 🙂



GIF by: fyeahgh.tumblr.com