Is Rosalie Playing Her Boss, Nina?

Rosalie Martinez (Linda Elena Tovar) has become another one of General Hospital’s little mysteries. Everyone wants to know, “What is Rosalie doing in Port Charles.” Fans have been speculating that her purpose in PC goes beyond being Nina Clay’s right hand woman, punching bag, and nurse.

The first time she and Morgan encountered one another in the park is when she threw her phone and it hit Morgan in the head. She said she was talking to her Dad. Hmmm… will we ever be introduced to her dad? General Hospital spoilers and rumors suggest that Rosalie has a connection to Port Charles, Sabrina being one of them. In another encounter with Morgan, Rosalie was ran into him in the halls of General Hospital. She was upset and Michael was there to listen to her vent. She mentioned that she just got her ass handed to her by her boss. Then she proceeded to say that she will be getting the last laugh.

Nina and Rosalie have an odd relationship. It’s true that there have been moments of true friendship, but at the same time, Nina treats Rosalie like a piece of gum at the bottom of her shoe. When Rosalie told Morgan that she will get the last laugh, was she referring to her boss, Nina? It’s quite possible that Rosalie is working for someone else other than Nina. Rosalie puts up with a lot of disrespect from Nina. Perhaps Rosalie is taking orders from someone else, and when the time is right, she will turn on Mrs. Clay.

What do you think? Is Rosalie the daughter of a mob boss or another dangerous, well known family? What did she mean by stating she will get the last laugh when it comes to her boss? Does Rosalie consider Silas to be her boss and she and Nina are in this together until the bitter end?